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Friday 19 January 2018

Santa’s List Day

Santa’s List Day today, so I got in contact with the big man and he had this to say:

Hello Children, as I’m sure you’re well aware today is Santa’s List Day. This means I need your lists in ASAP, as there isn’t much time for my elves to complete all the orders before the big night itself.

If you’ve been naughty this year,  you know who you are Jimmy Warrenson, don’t waste my time with a list and I might give you an orange. Coal seemed like such a good present for naught boys and girls back in the days of old, but now that global warming is threatening my natural habitat I can’t think that I might have had something to do with it. There were ever so many naughty children back in 1980…

Thanks santa, best of luck with the rush! #Santa’sListDay


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